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The missing piece in real estate development marketing.
the HANA collective
Our challenge was to create a cohesive identity for HANA and its three subsidiaries: The Assembly for real estate agents, Advisory Studio for developers, and the Collective Marketplace for industry experts.

The real estate industry is vast and varied, with different sectors and players, but there was a missing piece that needed to connect them all.

Enter HANA, a parent company with a vision to unite three distinct brands targeting various real estate segments.

We've worked together on several marketing initiatives over the last year and their digital marketing approach, process, and campaigns have been the most effective in driving results in today's convoluted digital landscape.
Hana Cha
Hana Cha
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With over 15 years of experience, HANA had a wealth of knowledge to share, but we needed to ensure her brand identity was as polished and high-end as her expertise.

Our process began with a deep dive into HANA's mission, which we identified as "The Missing Piece in Real Estate Development Marketing." We recognized the need to convey this unique market position clearly across all digital platforms. This was not just about aesthetics; it was about crafting a brand that was instantly identifiable and could connect meaningfully with the audience.

Our journey led us to create a comprehensive 49-page brand book that laid the foundation for HANA's visual identity. This brand book would serve as the guiding light for every aspect of HANA's branding journey.

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To house the three distinct brands under HANA's umbrella, we designed and built a website that showcased each brand's individuality while maintaining a unified look and feel.

The Assembly was particularly unique, and we leveraged Kajabi to create a course that would allow HANA to share her 15 years of experience. It was more than just aesthetics; it was about creating a cohesive brand narrative that tied together YouTube, social media content, and the intricate Kajabi course, "The Assembly."

The Journey with HANA:
Rebranding Excellence
Our first transformation was a comprehensive rebranding process. We redefined HANA's brand identity, crafting a high-end and polished image that would resonate with the right clients.
Diversified Brand Family
We didn't stop at a single brand. Instead, we developed a family of brands, each distinct but united under HANA's overarching vision.
Evergreen Lead Generation
We implemented DM automation strategies. This streamlined communication and lead nurturing, improving efficiency and client interactions.
Strategic Content Creation for Paid Ads
Led to higher click-through rates and conversions, maximizing the ROI on her advertising budget.
Comprehensive Content Strategy
Ensured a cohesive online presence, reinforcing her brand's messaging and attracting a more engaged audience.
Multi-Platform Domination
With a strong and cohesive brand identity, a thriving YouTube channel, and engaging social media profiles, HANA was able to connect with a wider audience and position herself as an industry leader.
Effective Email Marketing
Email marketing played a vital role in our strategy. By creating email campaigns that aligned with the overall brand message, we ensured a consistent and impactful communication channel.

But our work didn't stop there. We recognized the importance of a cohesive email marketing strategy that would consistently deliver HANA's message to her audience. The result was a diversified yet unified brand presence that not only resonated with the target audience but also reflected HANA's innovative approach in real estate development marketing.

The result of our efforts was a diversified yet unified brand presence for HANA. Each brand, while distinct, contributed to a stronger collective identity. HANA's vision was brought to life across multiple digital platforms, including YouTube, social media, and The Assembly course.

This journey went beyond branding; it was about creating a cohesive narrative that tied everything together.