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Creating a stand out whiskey brand that embraces the bold.

Our mission was clear: blend the rich, warm essence of whiskey with a playful twist, courtesy of their beloved Pug mascot.

Taking on the Pug Whiskey brand project was an absolute delight.

The challenge? To create a brand that’s serious yet approachable, capturing the spirit of whiskey lovers who appreciate a touch of whimsy. The result? Pug Whiskey – where tradition meets fun.

The logo we designed for Pug Whiskey is a narrative, not just an image. It features a Pug with a knowing look and a touch of sophistication, enticing consumers to explore the world of whiskey with a hint of playfulness. This logo aligns seamlessly with Pug Whiskey’s mission.

Our branding journey began with a goal: to blend the depth of whiskey with a playful twist.

In the competitive whiskey industry, a standout logo is your first sip of success. It’s the label that grabs attention on the shelf and conveys the essence of the product within.

Our branding efforts achieved a brand that harmoniously combines sophistication and playfulness, making it a standout in a competitive market.

From stylish merchandise designs to a sleek e-commerce site (coming soon), our goal was to maintain the playful charm of their Pug mascot while elevating every aspect of the brand.

In our social media strategy, we introduced the “Most Interesting Pug in the World” character. This innovative approach added a layer of fun and sophistication to Pug Whiskey’s social media presence.

Our efforts resulted in a standout brand that combines tradition and playfulness. Pug Whiskey now resonates with a wide audience of whiskey enthusiasts, and their logo is a captivating representation of their brand essence.

The cohesive branding across all platforms ensures a consistent and memorable experience for their audience.

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