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Making an impact on collegiate sports.

When we partnered with Fan Funded, we had a clear goal: create a brand that not only stands out but also directly connects with its users

Our mission was to craft a brand identity that mirrors the innovative approach of Fan Funded to fan engagement. We merged modern aesthetics with a resonating message, resulting in a brand that embodies the spirit of fan engagement. With the tagline “Be the Impact,” our goal was to create an impact that’s not just seen but felt.

Our branding journey started with a vision – a vision to craft a brand that not only captures the spirit of fan engagement but also exudes the warmth of a small-town gathering.

We aimed to create a brand that marries approachability with cutting-edge technology, forging a sense of belonging and excitement.

The logo had to convey the electrifying energy of fan engagement while still maintaining an inviting and friendly tone. The outcome is a logo that speaks volumes, perfectly encapsulating Fan Funded’s unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between fans and creators.

By blending modern aesthetics with a captivating message that’s as forward-thinking as the app itself, “Be the Impact,” inspires fans and players alike to come together.

The Game Plan for Fan Funded

Direct Player Engagement: Highlights Fan Funded's unique feature of allowing fans to interact directly with players, setting it apart in the sports app market.

Professional Design: The website's high-quality, clean design reflects the app's sophistication, enhancing trust and authority in the sports app space.

SEO-Optimized Landing Page: The website is designed for SEO efficiency, improving visibility and showcasing Fan Funded's digital marketing savvy.

NIL Integration: Incorporating Name, Image, Likeness aspects, Fan Funded aligns with current trends in college sports, demonstrating industry relevance.

User-Friendly Interface: The website's design mirrors the app's intuitive interface, emphasizing ease of use and enhancing user experience.

Engaging Content Strategy: The features dynamic multi-channel content such as news, updates, and insights related to sports, engaging users and establishing Fan Funded as a go-to source for sports information.

Our approach for Fan Funded was to create a cohesive and engaging digital experience that spanned the landing page, social media, and app design. Starting with the landing page, we wanted users to feel at home while also experiencing the innovative edge of Fan Funded. The design seamlessly blended approachability with modern tech aesthetics.

Moving to social media, our goal was to capture the essence of Fan Funded’s brand, which is bold, sporty, and all about fan engagement.

Our posts not only conveyed this spirit visually but also in the messaging, creating a dynamic and energetic presence that resonated with the community.

In the case of app design, user-friendliness was a top priority. We wanted every aspect of the app to align with Fan Funded’s commitment to connecting fans and creators.

The result was an app that not only felt intuitive but also seamlessly integrated with Fan Funded’s brand identity.

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