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Creative animation that drives results.

RingCentral’s internal team created a massive marketing campaign testing multiple messages and 100’s of creative directions. Our Job, to execute.

We were tasked with the production and animation of a massive marketing campaign created by RingCentral’s internal marketing. This included 6 campaigns each with 2 different creative directions, multiple HTML5 ad units and landing pages to drive traffic too.

Our journey with RingCentral began with the creation of HTML5 banner ads. These ads are more than just static images; they are dynamic and interactive, allowing us to tell RingCentral’s story in a captivating manner.

HTML5 banner ads enable us to convey complex information in a visually engaging format, making them an ideal choice for RingCentral’s marketing strategy.

To make the banner ads truly shine, animation played a crucial role. Animation breathes life into static images, creating movement and interactivity that captures the viewer’s attention.

For RingCentral, animation was the key to delivering their message effectively and making a lasting impact on their audience.

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